Jeremih @ PURE

jeremih pure nightclub 9 13 11 Jeremih @ PURELast night, 24-year-old Billboard Hot 100 artist Jeremih took over PURE Nightclub at Caesars Palace. with a stunning performance during its weekly industry night. While being escorted to PURE’s main stage, eager fans greeted the chart-topping singer as he hugged and high-five his way through the Las Vegas hotspot. jeremih pure nightclub performance2 9 13 11 Jeremih @ PUREOnce arriving on stage, he grabbed the mic and welcomed the packed house thanking them for all of their support. Partygoers cheered him on as he started singing his hit single “Imma Star (Everywhere We Are).” He then followed it with popular sensation “Birthday Sex” as hundreds of fans sang along with him, especially the females in the crowd as he serenaded them. The energy in the venue soared through the roof when he finished the performance with his popular single “Down On Me,” as he had the packed house on their feet dancing and waving their hands in the air. After his show, Jeremih joined his large entourage of 20 at his VIP table on the mainstage and spent the rest of the night partying, dancing and have a good time with friends.

 jeremih pure nightclub crowd 9 13 11 Jeremih @ PURE

Images  by Scott Berry