• GBK MTV Movie Award Gift Lounge

    GBK MTV Movie Award Gift Lounge this weekend at the SLS Hotel!

     GBK MTV Movie Award Gift LoungeA few celebs that attended include: Omar Epps (House/Resurrection), Paige Turco (The 100), Tiya Sircar (The Crazy Ones), Percy Daggs (Veronica Mars Movie), Rebecca Mader (Once Upon a Time), Shannon Beador (newest cast member Real Housewives of OC), Andy Richter (Late Night with Conan O’Brien), Cameron Monaghan (Shameless), Jeff Kober (The Walker Dead), Khandi Alexander (Scandal), and Sean Murray (NCIS), Joyce Giraud (Beverly Hill Housewives).

  • Alicia Silverstone Talks

    2813 alicia silverstone naked peta Alicia Silverstone Talks

    Actress and New York Times best-selling author Alicia Silverstone talks to Wonderwall about her new book, “The Kind Mama,” sharing breast milk, having more kids, and whether she’d sign on for a “Clueless” sequel.

    On wanting another child

    I do want another one for sure one day but not now because I’m still enjoying his deliciousness.

    On the significance of using the word “mama” versus “mother” or “mom”

    “I just always really liked the idea of a mama. There’s this woman Mama B, Bob Marley’s mom. I just like ‘mama.’ It’s so rich. It makes me happy.”

    On coming up with the concept of the book Kind Mama

    “I like to come in with all these doctors and scientists and research behind me but have a really, really easy conversation like you’re talking to your girlfriend. I want it to be fun. If I accidentally seduce you into making a few changes in your life, that’s wonderful. The goal is to inform you, and arm you.”

    On the book’s promise to help women prevent and cure PMS, weight struggles, insomnia, allergy breakouts, and more

    “Well that’s the miracle of a plant-based diet. When you want to be your healthiest and prevent these things from happening. All of those things are handled by being the healthiest you can be and how you do that is through nourishing your body, and that’s the food you choose.”

    On her reaction to the controversy around her blog post about sharing vegan breast milk

    “I had a friend who needed to feed her baby. And she wanted to feed her baby the healthiest, most top-notch milk. Top shelf. You can go to a breast bank for sure and get milk, but it’s going to be pasteurized and it’s expensive. And once it’s pasteurized you lose all the healthy bacteria which is the reason you’re going for breast milk in the first place. So, when you milk share it’s really amazing. What happened was I just had this amazing response. All these people wrote in from all different countries and people started sharing. It’s just mamas sharing what they have with each other and it was incredibly moving to me when I read the response.”

    On being a working mama and making sure her son is receiving the kindest care possible when she is away

    “My husband and I sort of tag team. So if I’m not able to be with my son then my husband is the one. So, when I was on set working on movies, and doing TV shows, and doing all this stuff, Bear would be with my husband.”

    On predicting that her and her husband’s approach to parenting would be so similar

    “I always knew that Christopher would be the most amazing dad. He was so good with my dogs. I had five rescue dogs when I met him and they all slept in my bed so you can imagine the patience. I just thought, ‘What a cool guy.’”

    On the possibility of doing a sequel to “Clueless” which celebrates its 20th Anniversary next year

    “I’m game to whatever Amy (Heckerling) has in store. I think that time has passed though. I don’t even know what Cher would be up to these days.”