Owners and brothers Hasan & Ibrahim of Facet Studio and Facet Films celebrate their birthdays at celebrity hideout mansion hosted by Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Sincere Show

    HOLLYWOOD, CA – Sincere Show continues his reign as Hollywood’s most exclusive party promoter and go-to showstopper by hosting one of the most anticipated private Black Tie Lingerie Parties of the year with Facet Studio in collaboration with Jacob York. The VH1 Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star wielded the mic at the luxurious star-studded birthday affair for Hasan and Ibrahim, owners of Facet Studio and Facet Films. Celebrity guests in attendance included Chris Brown, French Montana, FreeSol, Scott Disick, Snoop Dogg, Matt Barnes, Tyga, Sean Kingson, O.T. Genasis, Big Baby Davis (LA Clippers), Justin Combs, King Keraun, AD, Red Grant, Big Percy and more. Sincere Show was joined by his beautiful co-hosts Lira Galore, Diamond, Jennifer Morel and Ana Montana for an evening of epic proportions inside a private mansion in the hills.

    Male guests were clad in dapper suits while the region’s most beautiful women kept it eloquently sexy in black lingerie at the VIP only event that spun into the wee hours of the morning. DJ Looney and DJ Jae Murphy kept the night at a musical peak with today’s hottest music along gorgeous golden go-go girls. The Echoing Soundz and Belaire Rosé Champagne red carpet suite displayed a delectable dessert bar complimented by countless champagne toasts setting the sultry tone for the evening.

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    Photo Credit: VVK Photo & Cassy Athena

  • I am Media


    The following article was pilfered ,stolen, and plagiarized by a variety of sources. Go ahead and sue me.

    Who do you think you are, the San Diego zoo?

    I am media then again who isn’t media these days thanks to citizen journalism. We digest, dissect, digress, and regurgitate to the point of apathy not because we have anything important to articulate, but because we can copy, cut and paste. It is the only qualification necessary and even then not required. The beauty of the Internet is that I don’t have to experience anything in order to render an opinion. Now that everybody and their second cousin has a magazine, blog, website, or a youtube channel  and the networks have splintered into hundreds of mindless stations, there is no need to have real journalism skills nor the capacity for detail and why should I when I am communicating in a cesspool of algae to plankton.

    We are like a bad ventriloquist act whose dummy blows smoke up our ass every other millisecond with the latest  ‘tweet’ about what food you ate, every DVD experienced, and every change in your status update observed as if it is now worthy of a status update; knowing that few will pay attention to the  “Mainstream Media” because they believe they can find “The Truth” on the Internet. Translation: A blogger such as myself appeases them with any theory they believe in. Frankly after reading the hyper compressed nonsensical gibberish that is twitter I have no clue of what  the F is going on.

    Some people love Twitter because it is a connection of  low expectations – the ability to connect but without the messy face-to-face interactions that may lead to actual expectations. And the more we text the more alone and more bored we become in our self isolated world. We communicate for only for the sake of the act itself. We live in a society that does not reward real connection. In the new world order you make friends by pressing accept and the Internet is your community and all that is sacred to you will become exposed to the human glare. Peep culture is the atmosphere in which we live, peep culture thru a neon screen.

    The media is so completely fragmented and everyone has a niche for you to feel like you fit in. By participating in these social communication vehicles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Myspace you become a part of the game to accumulate the biggest friends list to use as a marketing tool. So whether you are aggravating or aggregating viewers and readers, you are thereby increasing your worth as media – a public relation nightmare if so desired or a trusted friend in a den of wolves.  Any theory is valid if it moves units,” i..e. sells advertising. “And sheep meaning people just being people begin to just drop off, then you and your contact list becomes irrelevant.  After awhile (delete when) you and your network will become suspect (eventually it happens to us all;) not that you really ever cared about what is being sold in the first place. You just start all over again.

    Luckily nothing is as sexy as the scandal. Since there is no law requiring the media to tell the truth about anything, the mainstream media is within their legal rights to fire reporters who refuse to lie!  We cannot help ourselves. We want to blame the government, religion, corporations,and media but are we not the very same people that make up the very institutions we despise. In our ravenous desire to touch something unspoiled, new, and different and through the homogenizing influence of  the worldwide digital peep culture, we stampede over everything genuine until it is overexposed and ridiculed into ad nauseam. In the 24 hour news cycle you are only as relevant as your last post, so who cares who’s first; only who gets the credit is what really matters.

    So you should not be surprised that I am really not interested in the latest PR bullshit (as opposed to blogs set up by public relations firms pretending to be private blogs) you are promoting with your D-list downgraded to F celebrities. Please do not get me started on the fakes and flakes list consisting of anyone that can receive a text. You should know by now any intern hack can type 45 words per minute. Nobody really gives a damn unless there is free food and drinks and even then they still do not fucking care.

    I am only interested in my own agenda which is trying to figure out how to squeeze as many freebies, swag, and any other paraphernalia that  can be offered in my direction so that I may resell  on Ebay or Craigslist the very moment you turn your back.  My only real desire is to get over on you. Do you think I really care if I never receive an invite to your next bourgeois event? I can easily find someone to rip a hole thru your carefully laid plans or I can easily lie and come up with my own scenario to describe my contempt for you.

    I am bigger than a post on a Facebook  page so it does not matter how many fake “friends” you have. So you can dance and I will spin, because the last thing you want is my undivided attention as limited as it is but unchecked; my wrath unfiltered thru the Internet can be devastating. I will brand ideas into products and turn myself into a commodity if I have to. I will overwhelm the marketplace, I will form consensus into reality. I will maneuver, cajole, demonize the opposition.  See the thing is I do not need you to validate me or nor do I seek your approval. I really do not give a shit what propaganda outlet you sleaze for or what spirited libations you hype to minorities; what tar and nicotine you promote to addicts; what your initials are, who your daddy is. This is a memo to the corporate criminals masquerading as supreme authority dictating who is news and who dispenses news: I was here before you, I will be here after you, and I am here despite you. I am Media and  there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.


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